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Maniküüri-ja pediküürivahendid

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  • This nail lamp is suitable for LED and UV gel nail polishes;
  • Timer 30s 60s;
  • Has a motion sensor;
  • Long LED light life - more than 50,000 hours you will not need to replace the bulbs;
  • It is possible to dry the whole hand at once;
  • Suitable for pedicure;
  • Infrared beam automatic sensor;
  • Light wavelength: 365nm + 405nm
  • Suitable for drying both UV Gel / LED Gel / Hard Gel;
  • The transmitted light does not harm the eyes;
  • Voltage: 110-220V.
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  • FOR CARESSFUL HANDS, FEET AND ELBOW - The paraffin wax bath nourishes the hands, feet and elbows and makes them tender, soft and smooth.
  • MEDICAL USE - The paraffin bath helps with joint and muscle problems. Paraffin wax relieves pain associated with chronic arthritis and rheumatism.
  • IMPROVES CARE SUBSTANCES - After application with the paraffin bath set, the applied cream can be absorbed even more intensively by the skin.
  • INCREASED CIRCULATION - The therapeutic warmth of the paraffin wax bath increases the circulation.
  • EASY TO USE - Before the treatment with the paraffin bath accessories, the hands or feet are cleaned and applied with a rich care product. Then the hand or foot is immersed in the paraffin bath 1-2 times.
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Gel nail kit:

48 W UV lamp;

120 ml. Lily Angel degreaser;

118 ml. Lily Angle Cleanser;

Lily Angel long-lasting topcoat;

Lily Angel long-lasting base;

3 pcs. Lily angel UV gels (black, red, shiny gold);

50 pcs. shapes - templates for nail extensions;

300 pcs. lint-free napkins;

10 pcs. wooden sticks;

Drawing tool;

Cuticle cutter;

Finger pads for a pedicure;



2 pcs. of files

Colored stones;

30 g. Lily Angel UV gel for nails extensions

5 pcs. glossy strips.